Setup wizard for webtrees


Checking server configuration

The server configuration is OK.

Checking server capacity

The memory and CPU time requirements depend on the number of individuals in your family tree.
The following list shows typical requirements.

Small systems (500 individuals): 16–32 MB, 10–20 seconds
Medium systems (5,000 individuals): 32–64 MB, 20–40 seconds
Large systems (50,000 individuals): 64–128 MB, 40–80 seconds

This server’s memory limit is 512 MB and its CPU time limit is 165 seconds.

If you try to exceed these limits, you may experience server time-outs and blank pages.

If your server’s security policy permits it, you will be able to request increased memory or CPU time using the webtrees administration page. Otherwise, you will need to contact your server’s administrator.